Wednesday, April 1, 2015

This Shocker Was in My E-mail This Morning...

I was shocked and amazed to see this ad for a meat-flavored lip balm for vegetarians in my e-mail this morning, from an online shop where I buy a few natural foods that I can't find in PTown. In fact, my stomach is still a little queasy. Abe's Market routinely offers samples of new and unusual products for $2 each, with free shipping, and I've tried quite a few odd new offerings this way, but what could they be thinking!?!

OK, they got me…
And a happy April Fool's Day to all of you, as well.
I'm used to seeing products I've never heard of in my e-mail a few times every week, so that's how they pulled me into this prank. They sell some great products, but this one is teetering on the edge of being truly disgusting. Well done!
By the way, did you read my blog post the other day announcing TheYearRounder's Annual April Fool's contest? (Click that link, or just scroll down this page to find it.) I might have made the questions too hard, especially for those who live out of town.

What the heck does this sign mean?
The contest asks you to identify a confusing Provincetown traffic sign found in a busy location, and win lunch for two at a PTown restaurant. A great many of last year's entries, including the two winners, came from folks who know Provincetown like the back of their hand, spend a lot of time here, but actually live in the "other" world, beyond our borders. Those folks would have a hard time saying where the silly sign in question is found, since it's only been up for a few months, I believe. So here's what we're going to do…
To enter the contest, just send your name (first name is fine) and phone number or e-mail address, in a text, voicemail or an e-mail to TheYearRounder, as follows: E-mail me at, or dial me at 42423 PTOWN to leave a voice mail or text. You can also send snail mail to TheYearRounder, P O Box 1632, Provincetown, MA, 02657. Just send in your entry by 2:13 AM on Sunday, April 5th, 2015. The postmark determines the time of arrival on all mail submissions.
There. It couldn't be easier. Go ahead and enter. Any comments on this sign will be rewarded. I've got a number of prizes just burning a hole in my pocket. And funny is always rewarded.
Click on April Fool's Ten Best Pranks! (according to YouTube fans) to get in the spirit, and then enter TheYearRounder's April Fool's contest.

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