Monday, May 11, 2015

Spectacular Provincetown Moonrise

With a bigger lens, you'll get a larger, clearer picture
of the moon rising over Provincetown Harbor.
Wow! Did anybody see that full moon rising over Provincetown Harbor the other night? When the timing is just right, and the moon is full, it's a reddish, golden color as it begins to push up into the sky, just peeping above the horizon like the sun does at daybreak. As the moon rises it turns more of a yellowish color, gradually turning whiter as it rises in the night sky.
This happens just a few times during the year, and is visible as long as the night is clear and humidity is low. So when the next full moon comes along, and is just rising shortly after sunset (unless you don't mind getting up at 3 AM or so to see it,) make your way to the edge of the harbor.
The moon seems to rise about an hour later each night, and a day before or after the actual full moon will also give you a pretty spectacular sight, so choose a clear night where the rising moon will just peek up above the harbor, after dark, but before you are in bed. Any Town Landing will lead you down to the beach for a nice viewing point. The little neighborhood beach at the West End parking lot is my favorite spot to catch this amazing sight.


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