Saturday, June 20, 2015

Great PTown Photo Ops - Wood End Light

This photo of the Wood End Lighthouse was taken
from the Provincetown Trolley, near the Breakwater.
The Wood End Light, built in 1872, is the subject of this photo, taken from the Provincetown Trolley. PTown is surrounded by three lighthouses, all of them still in operation, and each very important to navigation here at the tip of Cape Cod.
Each one has now been automated, running these days on solar power. Originally, of course, they all burned whale oil, the fuel of the day, provided by local men who made their living hunting whales.
Stopping The Trolley at this spot for a moment to talk about the Mayflower Pilgrims provided the perfect opportunity to zoom in for a photo of the lighthouse at Wood End, where the early forest grew right down to the water's edge when the Pilgrims arrived here in 1620.
Long Point Light sits at the very tip of Cape Cod, seen out across Provincetown Harbor. Built in 1875, it replaces the original, built in 1827. Race Point Light, built in 1875, can be spotted from the Province Lands Visitor Center, or from the beach at Herring Cove. It replaced the original, built in 1816. It still has the old lighthouse keeper’s cottage right next to it, and you can actually stay in the keepers cottage, with larger groups accommodated nearby in the old whistle house.

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