Monday, June 8, 2015

Read PTown Newspapers Dating to 1869

A 1904 Provincetown newspaper advertised Widow Jones's Clothing For Boys.
The New York Store building is still located at the corner of Commercial and Standish streets.
This is an ad placed in the Provincetown Beacon newspaper on March 19th, 1904. In this issue we learn about burning events of the day, such as Joshua T. Small, "a well-to-do citizen of Provincetown" having been arraigned before U.S. Commissioner Goodspeed on a charge of having deposited an obscene letter in the United States Mails, to which he entered a plea of not guilty.
I found a wonderful archive of five old Provincetown newspapers, with some of these issues dating back to 1869. Ads, stories and news tidbits in dozens of newspapers found in this archive tell tales of small town life in Provincetown nearly 150 years ago. This project is funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Sciences, thanks to the Library Services Technology Act, which is administered by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners. We thank the Town of Provincetown and the Provincetown Public Library for helping to bring us this wonderful resource and insight into PTown history, as recorded in these papers of the day.
In this issue, we also learn that "Miss Minnie Matthews substituted at the western school building for Miss Anna Dolan the past week." These old newspapers are full of tiny "stories" like this. Look for more of these to appear here soon, as I dig them up.

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