Thursday, June 13, 2013

Volunteer at 2013 PTown Film Fest and Get Some Great Perks!

Volunteer and help us put on the 15th annual Provincetown International Film Festival.
Since 1999 Provincetown has been welcoming the independent film world to our little village for what has blossomed into one of the best film festivals in the country. The schedule is out, so find one and get tickets early for things you want to see (many films sell out) and arrange your schedule so you can help put on this wonderful event bringing us independent films from around the world!
It takes a tremendous number of volunteers to pull off this remarkable feat. I've been a volunteer for all 15 years, right from the beginning, and it's one of the best things I do every year. The Provincetown International Film Festival is one of the greatest events in the country every year for independent films to be seen and appreciated by grateful audiences.  I've met all kinds of "film people" over the years, and have had the chance to have conversations with famous actors, producers, directors, screenwriters, and with many who have served in all of these functions at once in order to get their own tiny, independent films produced and made available to the public.
Gus Van Sant receives his 2002
PIFF Filmmaker on the Edge Award.
I got the chance, for example, to thank Gus Van Sant for his wonderful film To Die For, which I watch again at least once a year, with Nicole Kidman absolutely nailing the part of the local TV weather girl who aspires to greater things and who would do anything to hit the big time. Jane Lynch talked with me about scripted dialogue vs. ad libs in the "mockumentaries" she's done with director Christopher Guest, such as Best of Show and A Mighty WindI.
I'm not a collector of autographs, but Marcia Gay Harden was kind enough after our conversation to write a personal note for me to take to a friend who couldn't get out of work to attend that year's event where Ms Harden was honored with the festival's Excellence in Acting Award. This year that award will be conferred upon Matt Dillon at this annual event which takes place at 5 PM on Saturday, June 22nd, at Town Hall. Get tickets to attend this evening where festival award winners get the chance to speak extensively about their work, with an audience Q & A session as well.
Matt Dillon will be in Provincetown to receive
this year's PIFF Excellence in Acting  Award.
As you can imagine, it takes an awful lot of work to put on a huge event like this one, which will bring 132 films and events to PTown from June 19th through the 23rd.
You can get tickets (or volunteer!) for events like parties, award functions, filmmakers in conversation about their work, as well as screenings of more than 100 films ranging from shorts, animation and documentaries to feature films from around the world.
You can become a volunteer by visiting the PIFF volunteer page on their website, or contact Director of Volunteers Katie Ledoux directly. Here's a message from Katie:

We are celebrating the 15th year of the Provincetown International Film Festival and we would love for you to be part of it. In order to produce one of the best festivals in the country we need your support !If you love films and want to get the chance to get up close and personal, VOLUNTEER today. Volunteer perks include admittance to the Opening and Closing Parties, a movie voucher for every four hour shift worked, a free t-shirt and on Monday the 24th we have a volunteer party with free food and drink and a free screening of one of the films from the festival!
To sign up please email our Director of Volunteers directly at:

Thanks so much!

My volunteer experience over the years has included countless different functions such as taking tickets as patrons enter the theater, introducing a variety of filmmakers to the audience, putting up banners at the sponsor's exhibit, ushering at events like the awards ceremonies, and one year I counted ballots for the audience awards given at the closing party at the end of the festival.
Volunteer, get some great perks, and help us put on Provincetown's best film festival yet.

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