Friday, October 4, 2013

Café Maria Shines for Breakfast

This raisin almond bun is one of Café Maria's tastiest baked goods.
Café Maria makes a breakfast treat that's somewhere between a cinnamon bun and a croissant. It's made with raisins and sliced almonds on top, and it is really delicious.
The combination of the light, airy dough, along with the crunch of the almonds and the body of those sweet, chewy raisins makes a fusion of textures and flavors that is hard to resist when these buns roll out of Maria's oven in the morning.
They make a number of other pastries and breakfast goodies, and a variety of breakfast sandwiches served alongside Lavazza coffee. Their lunch includes one of my favorite sandwiches, made with linguica and cheese on a fresh baguette right out of the oven. They actually bake baguettes as they are ordered, so there isn't a fresher one in town.
There's ice cream for dessert, along with fresh-baked cookies, if there are any left when you get there.
Find Café Maria by ignoring the address you might see printed somewhere (277A Commercial Street) and just head down Ryder Street, along the east side of Town Hall, and as you cross Commercial Street, just continue on that same road, walking toward Fisherman's Wharf and the harbor. You'll find this little counter-service cafe and its sunny outdoor dining patio (with umbrellas for hot or rainy days) about 50 yards off Commercial Street, near the Kite shop and a lovely expanse of beach, open to the public. Service is friendly, prices are reasonable, and the food is fresh and tasty.

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