Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Farewell to the Summer of 2015

Once again, on the Tuesday morning after Labor Day, people walking out of their doors onto Commercial Street hear a lilting "Aaahhhhh," that collective sigh of relief signifying the end of the craziness of another summer season in Provincetown.
Morning on Commercial Street becomes calm, almost serene, and although there are still a few thousand visitors in town, it's a mellower crowd, far less dramatic, and we begin to feel like we're getting our town back.

Throngs of revelers at yesterday's annual Pink Party, celebrating an end to all of the stresses of having dozens of thousands of people crowded into our tiny town, pack the porch and garden of the White Wind Inn with Townies gleefully ushering out another bustling summer season.
Smiling, nearly ecstatic faces in a sea of pink tell us that we've survived yet another PTown summer!

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