Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Most Amazing Moon of 2015 Will Rise Over Provincetown This Weekend

Sunday's full moon will be a harvest moon, a perigee, the year's largest supermoon, and a total eclipse.
This Sunday the full moon will rise at 6:20 PM, about 10 minutes before the sun sets. It will be a harvest moon, and a perigee moon, meaning that the day the full moon rises, it will also appear closer to the earth than at any other time of the year. That gives it the appearance of the biggest moon of the year. Now, add in the fact that there will be a full lunar eclipse that night, and you'll begin to realize the true magnitude of this momentous occasion. When will be the next time all of that will be visible from North American shores, and occurring on a clear night?
Astronomer Bob Berman explains further on the website of The Old Farmer's Almanac. He titled his article Mega-Harvest-Blood Moon Total Eclipse. The moon rising over Provincetown harbor is likely to be a reddish, sort of golden color, and likely to appear even more colorful when it rises on the following night, about 40 minutes later, after the sky is darker.
Anywhere along the harbor beaches you should find a good spot to watch the rising moon, once the sun sets, and later, Sunday's eclipse will be at its height between 10:11 PM and 11:24 PM, Eastern Time. Watch for exceptionally high tides for a few days, too, with Wednesay's tide hitting around 11.6 feet at 1:41 PM.
A very high tide seems always to be followed by an extremely low one, so Tuesday and Wednesday sunrises on the tidal flats should be great for beachcombing, and may also bring some exceptional photo opportunities, around 6:30 AM.

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