Monday, June 26, 2017

After PTown's Memorial Weekend Fire at Lopes Square, The Coffee Pot is Back!

It's so nice to see Linda's friendly face behind the counter at The Coffee Pot
once again. That smile is real, and all of her customers feel it. Welcome back!
Yippeee! The Coffee Pot is open once again, following the fire that ripped through the Red Shack, next door, and damaged several other adjacent businesses over Memorial Day weekend.
The three-alarm fire devastated two restaurants, leaving questions about their ability to rebuild before the summer season is over, and damaged two others. It shut down every restaurant on the eastern strip at Lopes Square.
Through the amazing efforts of the Provincetown Fire Department, and firefighters who rushed here with extra equipment from other towns, the fire was kept from spreading beyond the center of the long, narrow building that housed all four of these popular restaurants and takeouts.
The Coffee Pot sustained heavy water and smoke damage, and the roof was singed a little, but they're scrubbed, repaired and restocked, and they're up and running again in full summer mode. They open daily from 5:30 AM till about 10:30 or 11:00 at night.

Slices of ham are grilled, giving extra flavor to this Coffee Pot breakfast sandwich,
one of several choices. The roll is split and grilled as well. These little touches, and
generous servings, make for great flavor and extra value in everything they make.
Linda and Nelson opened The Coffee Pot in 1989 in Small's Court, just around the corner from the Lopes Square location they moved into the following season, where they've expanded their business and menu offerings a bit in every summer since.
One of the secrets to their success is that they simply give you more value for your money. They seem to charge a little less for most items than many other restaurants do, but at the same time their servings are often more generous than most.

The Coffee Pot's hot lobster roll is 6 ounces of lobster meat drizzled with melted
butter, served on a big, grilled sub roll with a bit of  lettuce;  great bargain at $17.99.
Case in Point: The Coffee Pot sells lobster rolls made with 6 ounces of lobster meat, served hot or cold, for $17.99.
With the cost of lobster on the East Coast taking a serious jump this year, this is not only a good price, but you get about 50% more lobster meat than offered by most other restaurants.
Fish & chips, fried clams, scallops and shrimp are all available, along with several daily soups on a rotating basis. Today's soups just happen to be all of the local favorites: clam chowder, of course, along with lobster bisque, and kale soup, which hails from Provincetown's rich Portuguese heritage. Each served by the cup or bowl, they start at just $4.85. There are also 7 great salads on the menu, too.

I love the Gyro at The Coffee Po, made with the classic Greek tzatziki .
I order mine with the traditional lamb, but it can also be ordered with chicken.,
The Gyro (say yeer•oh) is a Greek sandwich which starts with the traditional lamb, or you can choose chicken, on a grilled pita. It's stuffed with lettuce, tomato, red onion, and topped with tzatziki, the classic Greek yogurt sauce. Excellent!
They make about 30 different rolls, wraps, sandwiches,  and paninis, not to mention burritos and burgers. And their fries are among the very best in Provincetown.
Also the absolute best in town are their real fruit smoothies, in eight different flavors, or make up your own. I like mine a little less sweet, so I combine raspberries and blueberries with pineapple, for just $5.65. Add protein or Red Bull, if you'd like, for $1.50.

Real fruit, not flavorings, go into these
smoothies. This is strawberry/raspberry.
I haven't yet mentioned the muffins, bagels, brownies, scones, croissants, cinnamon rolls and giant cookies that come fresh from their ovens every day; perfect with a cup of great coffee. I'm partial to the dark roast, especially if I have it iced rather than hot.
I usually call ahead, at 508•487•2580 for any of 8 great breakfast sandwiches, starting at $4.10, ready to go by the time I get there for pickup. But I also like a sit-down meal in the dining room or out on the patio. Whether I want brioche French toast or one of 7 omelets for breakfast, or a traditional lox and bagel, there's some fine "people watching" to be done here, right at the edge of Lopes Square. By the way, a plate of eggs, toast and home fries is a real bargain at just $5.99.
OK, writing this and sorting through a couple of thousand photos of food I've eaten all over PTown has got me really hungry, so I know where I'm heading for something to eat. I've been jonesing for a sausage, egg and cheddar croissant ever since the fire. I'm gonna go help these folks make up a little of their lost income, and I hope you'll all get out and do the same. I'm sure the tip jar could use a little bump as well, since all the employees lost their usual income while they were closed down for three weeks.
We're so glad to have the restaurant running again, and we heartily welcome back Linda and Nelson and the gang, and wish them all the best!

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