Sunday, June 18, 2017

Dina Martina's Townie Night Previews Smart, Very Funny PTown Entertainment

A perennial favorite, though none can describe her show, Dina Martina entertains at the Crown & Anchor at 8:30.
Absolutely legendary comic savant Dina Martina is back for another summer series of performances in Provincetown, at the Crown & Anchor Cabaret Room. It’s not possible to adequately describe the performance, nor the style, of what seems to me to be the most brilliant comedic mind ever foisted on an unsuspecting public.
Many years ago, a friend and I sat wide-eyed, with jaws agape, through the entire performance of Dina Martina’s astonishing stage show, each of us as “first-timers.” It left us both truly speechless; unable to describe what we had just seen; our eyes wet with tears of laughter; stunned by several genuinely cringeworthy moments… and wanting more of all of it!
In the loosest possible terms, there will undoubtedly be a bit of “dance” and “music” and a little philosophy, too, along with uproariously funny video interspersed. Hair, makeup and wardrobe are all quite unfortunate, adding to the fun of this smart, indescribable, yet most memorable evening of entertainment.
Tonight is Townie Night, so if you live in PTown, get to The Crown quickly for your free ticket. If you’re unable to make it tonight, put this show on your list of mandatory summer amusement. It will be a true highlight in a season of great entertainment.


  1. the Dina Martina show has been a Christmas tradition going on 28 years for us! I love me some Dina Martina!

  2. Dina Martina is among the best shows ever to perform in Provincetown, with shows at 8:30 PM at the Crown & Anchor Wednesdays thru Sundays till Labor Day weekend, but no performance on Wednesday, August 30th. There will be shows only on Fridays and Saturdays from September 8th through the 16th. Do not miss your chance to see Dina Martina!