Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Family Week 2013 Brings "The Greatest Pirate Story (N)Ever Told" to PTown

The Greatest Pirate Story (N)Ever Told is great fun for all ages, at 7 PM at the Crown & Anchor thru Thursday.

The old sea witch has flung Captain Henry Martin and his motley crew of pirates into the future, and to save themselves, they must perform the greatest pirate epic ever seen on stage. With their script torn asunder, this stalwart crew of pirates-turned-players are forced to improvise a sprawling pirate adventure based upon suggestions from their audience. There's everything you'd ever want in a pirate saga... Romance, treasure hunting, sword fighting, and plenty of general swashbuckling! There's music and dance, and lots of interaction with a gleeful audience thoroughly immersed in the tale of these buccaneers as it unfolds upon the stage. Don't miss this hilarious, rollicking family musical where you help write the story, and may even end up on stage. See it again, and the story will be entirely different!
Playing in Provincetown tonight and tomorrow, August 7th and 8th, at the Crown & Anchor, at 247 Commercial Street. Phone 508 487-1430 for tickets and info.

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