Monday, August 26, 2013

Hot Ticket - The Atomic Bombshells

The Atomic Bombshells are pure entertainment from the moment they take the stage!
Only two more performances, tonight and tomorrow at 10 PM at the Post Office Cabaret.
If you've never seen a burlesque show, you may not quite know what it might be. The dictionary describes burlesque as "a variety show, typically including striptease." The Atomic Bombshells are among the nation's greatest practitioners of the art of the striptease, presenting one of the most thoroughly entertaining, scintillating stage performances you're likely to see all year.
Start with great music of many genres, wonderful choreography, fabulous costumes and gorgeous performers of all types and persuasions. There is eye candy on stage for everyone! From the slow, seductive Hawaiian hula striptease to the performance of a charming, larger-than-life illusion, this troupe is completely engaging, highly amusing, and (I repeat) thoroughly entertaining.
The evening is hosted by a breathtaking, statuesque, impeccably costumed drag queen with a very quick wit who disarms anyone who might feel a little out of their element in the audience of their first striptease show, and provides brilliant, very funny vignettes between performances of music, dance, illusion and the alluring, sultry presentations of the artistry of the striptease. All the performances are top notch, and there is truly something for everyone on this stage.
The Atomic Bombshells have only two performances remaining in their Provincetown schedule. See them tonight and tomorrow at 10 PM at the Post Office Cabaret, at 303 Commercial Street. Get tickets online at or phone the
P. O. at 508 487-0006.

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