Friday, August 9, 2013

Whale Tale at Visitor Center Today Only

Watercolor of Ibis and Blizzard by Collin Silva, Provincetown
Today at 11 AM we'll have one last chance to see local kids in a wonderful musical, puppet and live action theater production on stage at the Province Lands Visitor Center amphitheater. This play is based on the true story of Ibis, the first whale ever to be rescued from the tangles of fishing gear that kept this young humpback from swimming and eating freely after becoming entangled in the waters near PTown in 1984.
Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies Rescue teams worked under very dangerous conditions to disentangle this young whale from the fishing gear that was threatening her life. Another young whale, Blizzard, helped Ibis to the water's surface where rescuers worked to perform this first-ever whale disentanglement.
Live music and "whale music," the sounds and songs made by humpback whales, along with the performance of puppeteers and local elementary school kids, all combine to make this show engaging for kids and adults as well. This is a free event, and parking at the visitor center is free as well. I'll be taking the shuttle bus to get there myself, and plan to spend time before the show enjoying the displays, exhibits, films, and the fantastic 360 degree view from the Province Lands Visitor Center rooftop.

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