Sunday, August 4, 2013

TheYearRounder is Back, and on a Quest for Provincetown's Best Striped Bass

This is my favorite time of day on the water's edge, as the sunset starts its warmup with the first round of brilliant
colors dancing on the harbor, the pinks and purples and golden colors just beginning to make their appearance.
Greetings, dear readers. I've missed you. Technical difficulties kept me from writing my blog for what seemed like a very long time... After a ten-day struggle with corporate America, and serious phone help from at least 8 technicians, TheYearRounder's Guide to Provincetown is now back on the Internet. Thank you for your patience, and your persistence in trying to find this page. And my thanks to those who sent e-mails wondering if everything was OK.
The beach scene above was shot from my table at the Mews the other night. I've been on my annual quest for the best striped bass in Provincetown, and the Mews always ranks high on the list of contenders. It's been really frustrating to have so many great meals (bass number 6 tonight at Jimmy's Hideaway) and not be able to tell you about them. So I suppose I'll write a single post to give a brief description of several great striped bass dishes I've consumed over the last week or so. Give me a day or two to sort through my notes and photographs so I can "show & tell" you about my whirlwind tour through some of PTown's great restaurants as I gobble up as much as I can of the noble "striper" while it's running.
There's likely not much time left to get out and enjoy this delectable fish, since the commercial fishermen have a strict limit on the amount of it they can take from local waters. So enjoy it while it's here. You've likely got a few more days to work in a couple of plates of striped bass before it disappears for the season. Last year I found the last bass in town being served by a restaurant whose chef had managed to procure one more striper by ducking over the border to Rhode Island to get one to serve one last time as the season ended. Let me know where you've found your favorites this summer, and I'll tell you about mine in my next post.