Thursday, August 15, 2013

West End Racing Club Summer Fundraiser is Underway

Kids learn more than swimming and sailing at the West End Racing Club.
Somewhere back around the year 1950 a group of parents saw the need for a place for their kids to call their own as they were learning to swim and sail kind of informally along the beach near Flyer's boatyard. There were grown-ups teaching them about safety on the water as kids would show up on the beach on several afternoons during the week, and a few little sailboats were found to help the kids get started in learning to sail.
A building was needed to give these kids a permanent home and a place to gather to learn the art of sailing. For some of these kids, learning to swim was the first step. As the idea of a sailing club for kids began to take hold, money was raised, boats were built, volunteers were sought, and when a suitable small piece of property on the west end of Provincetown Harbor was found, a downpayment was made, and soon a fledgeling non-profit organization was born, dedicated to the mission of teaching Provincetown kids and summer visitors to swim and sail safely.
The West End Racing Club has been carrying on that mission ever since, raising funds every year through donations, T-shirt sales, and a yearly raffle that raises a good bit of the money needed to run the organization for another year. Raffle prizes in the past have included artwork, dinners in Provincetown restaurants, and a number of other rewards for contributing a few dollars to help kids from 8 to 16, residents and visitors alike, learn self-reliance and discipline as they learn to sail and race these little boats.
So when you meet these kids on the street, or find them occupying the fire station near Town Hall, crack open your wallet and buy a few raffle tickets, and help to continue this wonderful tradition of raising strong, confident kids as they learn to work together to master the art of sailing.

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