Tuesday, August 13, 2013

3 Under 35 - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in PTown for About $35 for All Three

Portuguese Bakery has simple, inexpensive breakfasts.

It's been a while since we worked our way around the town to a whole day of meals for less than $35, so here we go. We'll start with breakfast at the Provincetown Portuguese Bakery. This is not a fancy breakfast with a parsley sprig and a cantaloupe sliver garnishing the plate. This is a simple ham and cheese omelet served with a couple of slices of hearty multigrain toast with butter and jelly. Other bread choices are available, too.
The famous Portuguese Bakery, at 299 Commercial Street, has been there for well over a hundred years, selling not only wholesale Portuguese breads, which gave the shop its start, along with the huge selection of pastries that were later offered to the  public, but for the last many years they've also operated a tiny, no-frills café for breakfast and lunch as well, with a grill and a small kitchen in the front corner of the shop. They make fried eggs, French toast, omelets and breakfast sandwiches. My omelet was $5.85, and with tax and tip it cost me $6.85. Some folks don't tip at a counter-service restaurant where no one actually serves food to you at a table, but I generally leave around 10% for the folks who take my order and hand me the food, whether I'm eating-in or ordering takeout.
You are asked to bus your own table here, so just sweep your crumbs onto your paper plate and toss it into the trash bin. There's also a recycling bin for soda bottles and cans at lunchtime. Clearing your own table keeps prices low here, so your omelet isn't $8 to $10 as it is in a little fancier place.

Vorelli's has many choices within our lunch budget.

For lunch, we're off to Vorelli's, at 226 Commercial Street, where the sign out front announces three lunch specials for less than $9. How about the 6 ounce Black Angus Burger, served with steak fries, for $8.25? I like my burger medium-rare, and at Vorelli's, it always comes out juicy and flavorful and just as I ordered it.
Besides the BBQ pulled pork sandwich served with cole slaw, and the the soup & sandwich special mentioned on the sign, there are other menu choices like a variety of sandwiches that fit our budget for this meal, and when I last checked their lunch menu there was also an artichoke and spinach quiche and small salad for $8.95.
You'll always find someone helpful in front of Vorelli's, ready to show you the menu and make suggestions, and the service is always prompt and friendly. With tax and a 20% tip on our delicious burger and fries, we're out the door with a big smile for just $10.48.

You can't beat the early dinner specials at the Seafood Grille.

Dinner takes us to the Seafood Grille at the Waterford Inn, at 386 Commercial Street. They continue to offer a complete three-course early bird dinner special for just $14 as long as your order is in by 7 PM. Dinner starts with your choice of a lovely garden salad or a cup of clam chowder, followed your choice of four entrées, including Cape Cod fish and chips, broiled cod with Lobster Newburg sauce, grilled lemon pepper chicken breast with rice, or steamed mussels over Asian vegetables and linguini, which is what I invariably order because I can't just can't help it. This is one of my very favorite seafood dishes in Provincetown at any price. Your meal also includes a great crusty sour dough bread, and the dessert of the day, often ice cream drizzled with chocolate sauce. This early dinner special is a great meal, whatever entrée you choose. at the eminently affordable price of $17.78 including a 20% tip and state and local meals taxes, and that has earned it TheYearRounder's Best Bite award for the second year.
We've had 3 good meals and left a decent tip for a total of $35.10 for the day. More posts will follow soon in our "3 Under 35" series as we roam through Provincetown and find many more ways to enjoy three good meals for about $35 or less for the entire day.

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