Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lobster Scampi at Native Cape Cod Seafood is a "Best Bite"

Native Cape Cod Seafood's Lobster Scampi is a bargain, and a Best Bite.
As I was sitting out on the deck behind the old aquarium having supper one night, I noticed a man who was quite intent on gobbling down his dinner, pausing for nothing except the occasional breath
of air between bites.
I asked him what
he was having and
he said it was the Lobster Scampi from Native Cape Cod Seafood, found just inside the big barn doors on the back of the building as you walk out to the waterfront deck. It was his opinion that this was the best seafood bargain in Provincetown. I put it on my mental list of things I needed to taste around the town, but that list is pretty long what with all the people I talk to every day about their best-loved meals and favorite spots in town. So when I finally got around to having this dish last night I wished I had tried it earlier in the season. I could have eaten it several times by now!
There's nothing fancy about it, but you'd be hard pressed to find a better scampi at the most posh restaurants in town. You'll order at the counter, and it'll be served in a large throw-away plastic bowl that you'll carry on a tray out to your table on the patio or on the waterfront deck behind the building. It's a hearty serving of perfectly cooked linguine, just a bit al dente, with a generous serving of tender, sweet lobster in a creamy garlic sauce turned a bit orange from all the lobster meat swimming in this wonderful sauce. It's served with freshly grated Parmesan, a wedge of lemon and a thick slice of crusty bread on the side, with fresh herbs sprinkled over the top.
Native Cape Cod Seafood is tucked away inside the Aquarium Marketplace, at 205-209 Commercial Street, near the corner of Carver Street. It's all the way at the back of the building, right across from I Dream of Gelato, where I'm going to send you for dessert after your seafood lunch or dinner. It is definitely worth the effort to find this little takeout joint. They also operate a great raw bar out on the patio, and you can get a cold beer or a glass of wine to go with your seafood at the Aqua Bar on the harborside deck.
Whatever variety of seafood you order here, it is absolutely fresh. Talking with Andrew (the owner) I found out he raises his own oysters. He's been a fisherman for at least a couple of decades, so he really knows his stuff. With Andrew at the counter and Kevin doing the cooking, orders roll out of the tiny kitchen at a good clip. Both of these men are deeply invested in the quality of the food they serve, and it certainly shows. The fried clams I had there were the best I ever remember, sweet and pump and obviously right out of the water.
I wrote in a post a few weeks ago that this place seemed to have really hit its stride this year, in its second season, and the more I eat here, the more it becomes my favorite little seafood shack, right on the edge of the harbor. The Lobster Scampi at Native Cape Cod Seafood takes its place among the dishes in Provincetown named by TheYearRounder as a "Best Bite" for it's wonderful flavor, skillful preparation and its excellent value.

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