Thursday, August 30, 2012

Edie, at the Art House Tonight Only, is This Week's Hot Ticket

Provincetown audiences are very lucky this summer to see the return (although much too brief) of one of the most entertaining performers ever to have graced the stage of the Art House, at 214 Commercial Street. It seems to me that it's been about five years since we've seen Edie on stage in PTown, and that is far too long a time without this special, classy brand of drag theater. Edie is first and foremost a dancer, classically trained, extremely talented, and it doesn't hurt that she happens to be a knockout!
Edie's alter ego is Christopher Kenney, who began dancing at the tender age of eight years old, then traveling the world with the ballet company that hired him upon his graduation from high school.
One Halloween, Christopher joined some friends in dressing up, and that night "Edie" was offered her first job as a performer. It sounded like fun, and Christopher decided to give it a try, and soon found the blossoming character of Edie moving in and taking over his life. He says he has rather enjoyed watching Edie's personality develop and mature over the years, taking on new challenges as they come along.
Edie is currently starring as the Mistress of Sensuality in the ultra-sexy Cirque du Soleil extravaganza Zumanity, at the NewYork-New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Having a brief break from the show, Christopher has returned to Provincetown, one of his favorite vacation spots, and when asked to perform as Edie while here, he consented to doing just two shows during the limited time he has before he will return to performing in Las Vegas.
Patrons at the Art House this past Monday were treated to the high-kicking, high-class performance that has made Edie a standout in the world of drag entertainment over the years. One more performance remains, tonight, August 30th, at 10 PM at the Art House. Get tickets online, or visit the box office at the theater, at 214 Commercial Street, opening at 2 PM. Don't miss the playful, zesty and thoroughly entertaining performance promised as Edie takes the stage tonight.

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