Thursday, August 9, 2012

Catch Yourself a Striped Bass in Provincetown Waters

The Striped Bass is the most prized fish in these waters, being caught from the shoreline or by boat, with lures or with bait, by experienced fishermen or by novices...
Striped Bass season is upon us, with stripers beginning to show up in greater numbers on the shoreline in spots along Cape Cod and Provincetown beaches. These fishermen were spotted walking on the breakwater in the far west end of Provincetown, wearing some serious gear. You don't have to go to this extreme to get started fishing for stripers. Some basic equipment can be found at Lands End hardware store at 337 Commercial Street, and everything you really need, along with advice to get you started, can certainly be found at Nelson's Bait and Tackle, at 43 Race Point Road. To get out on the water on a chartered fishing boat, Nelson's recommends Beth Ann Fishing Charters, found on MacMillan Pier, running fishing and whale watching charters from early May all the way to late October. Phone them at 508 487-0034.
For the really serious fisherman, Nelson's can hook you up with fishing guide Steve Kean, a die-hard fisherman who spends nearly every moment of his life in the pursuit of big fish. If you are prepared to walk several miles in soft sand, trekking through inlets and hiking over hills to remote locations, Steve will guide you to the spots most likely to produce that big fish, in a different spot every day, of course. Sunrise, sunset or overnight trips can be arranged. These are fairly strenuous hikes, and are not meant for the beginner or the casual fisherman.
For most of us, picking out a rod and reel and stocking up on lures, lines and bait is probably the way to go, and Nelson's will help you with all of that. If you are going to fish from the shoreline or from your own boat, don't forget to get your recreational saltwater fishing permit from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, required to fish anywhere other than from a properly registered fishing charter. This can be had online, and you can use a computer and print out your permit at the public library, at 356 Commercial Street. It will cost you about $12 by credit card.
Look for an upcoming post about the very best striped bass I've found in PTown restaurants in the past couple of weeks.

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