Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pirates Strolling Commercial Street Amuse Provincetown Visitors

These two fine gentlemen, who each live in the Harwich area, come to PTown on the odd weekend to walk the streets in costume and in character as pirates of the early 18th century, to the delight of all who meet them. Their costumes are impressive, down to the finest detail, and their banter sounds as though they had actually spent some time on the high seas, transporting us all back to the swashbuckling era of the 1700s with their good-natured humor about the life of a pirate and their quaint manner of speaking. As the heat and humidity rose today to staggering levels, they had to cast off their coats, but they still completely looked the part as they wandered Commercial Street, carrying their small pirate's chest where people they've amused or posed for photos with can deposit a tip.
They've performed at many events such as the Cape Cod Maritime Festival, the Chatham Fourth of July celebration, and others. They've done various parties and events, and, yes, even weddings. Visit their website if you should need to rent a pirate, and in the meantime, continue to enjoy them when they visit the streets of Provincetown. And don't forget to tip your pirate.

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