Thursday, August 16, 2012

Carnival Parade 2012 Was a Big Hit

The annual Parade for  Provincetown's Carnival week was a big hit, as always, with all kinds of groups in costume wandering Commercial Street before and after the parade. This year's theme was "Space Odyssey," so we began seeing aliens and other space-related costumes a few days ago. See my blog post for yesterday, found below this one. Some of these folks had costumes as elaborate, or as entertaining, as the official parade participants. Here's a look at a few sights seen today in the parade and on the street...

It wouldn't be a parade without the famous Hat Sisters
Marc Jacobs elaborate spaceship crashing to earth was a hit
Miss Uranus drew applause, along with her sister planets
A group of friends from Connecticut, New York and Boston dressed
up as the Jetsons. I found them at Captain Lavender's, the upstairs
deck looking out over Commercial Street at the Waterford Inn
One of the most elaborate costumes in the pre-parade
stroll was this blue man with his stunning headdress
Pre-parade marchers pose for a photo
Some floks even got into costume to watch the parade
Even very simple costumes add a lot to the fun of the day
Everybody gets into the spirit when they don a few strands of beads
Nelson, in the green hat, visiting from Connecticut, had these shirts depicting
The Jetsons, from the 1960s TV show, made for all the friends he brought to Carnival
Photo ops abound as costumed revelers happily pose for pictures
The aftermath. We thank the Department of Public Works
for all the work they do to clean up after Carnival every year

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