Sunday, August 12, 2012

"3 Under 35" Series Finds a Whole Day of Great PTown Meals for Under $35

If you've been following my blog, you know that I have said I would show you how you could find three meals a day, and eat well, on less than $35 a day. The combination of meals on this page actually totals $36.55 for the day, including tax and tip, but I just couldn't resist putting my very favorite bargain breakfast, lunch and dinner together on one page. I'll make up for it later, by sending you on a picnic at the beach for four people for $20. I wrote a post a few weeks ago about my favorite full breakfast in town for only $6, which includes the tax, at Red Eye Coffee, at 258 Commercial Street, right next to Town Hall. When I wrote that post this meal was only available on the weekends, but a few days later, Jeremy decided to serve it every day, and it's still available, along with breakfast sandwiches and other breakfast goodies, right up until closing time each day, which is anywhere from 11 PM till 1AM, depending on the crowds every night.
Red Eye Coffee is a little take-out joint, with tables out in front on the patio, so you order at the counter, your meal is served on a paper plate, and you carry it out to the patio. The breakfast shown here is two fried eggs, home fries, sausage, and a toasted bagel with butter, and a few slices of cantaloupe garnish the plate on this particular day. Have your eggs scrambled instead, or have ham or bacon, or have it with Texas Toast, or with an English muffin, or with a Portuguese muffin, which is made with a slightly sweet dough. However you order it, this full breakfast is just $6, and since the tax is included, just throw a buck into the tip jar next to the register and you've got a great, filling breakfast for $7!
OK, on to lunch...
El Mundo, at 269 Commercial Street, is right in the center of town, right across the street from Town Hall. They have a daily lunch special that you can't  beat, and it is just $8.95. You'll choose a taco or a burrito, filled with your choice of shredded chicken, pulled pork, sauteed vegetables, ground beef, or black beans.
For my lunch the other day, pictured at the left, I ordered the veggie burrito, stuffed with sweet corn, zucchini, summer squash, peppers, potatoes and onions. It's smothered in a mild green chili sauce, drizzled with sour cream, and served with rice, beans and salsa fresca. Delish! Add tax and a 20% tip and you're out the door with a smile on your face and a full belly for just $11.55. Like I said, you can't beat it.
For dinner we're headed to the Seafood Grille at the Waterford Inn, at 386 Commercial Street. They have an early dinner special offering three courses, ordered by 6:30 PM, for just $14. Start with your choice of clam chowder or a nice garden salad. There are four different main courses offered, featuring seafood or chicken. Dessert is included, too. See my July 12th post Early Dinner at the Seafood Grille... to read a full description of the excellent meal I had, and will have again before the summer is over. I love this dish with mussels and Asian vegetables served over linguine noodles. The mussels are perfectly steamed, and the delicate, slightly sweet sauce with a bit of ginger makes this one of my very favorite seafood dinners offered in Provincetown. Dessert on my last visit was a large sundae of vanilla bean ice cream and chocolate sauce. Add the tax and a 20% tip and your dinner tab is just $18, making the total for an entire day of really good food just $36.55. That's not much to spend in a town where a dinner entree alone can easily cost you that much.
Each of these meals has been chosen by TheYearRounder as a Best Bite for the quality of the meal as well as the bargain price. Watch for a number of future "3 Under 35" posts where we'll indeed find many great combinations of three meals a day for under $35.

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