Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Change of Season Changes Flowers All Around Provincetown

This beautiful display found in the garden at the Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies, at Bradford and Ryder Streets, is a great example of the lovely blooms and blossoms to be found all around PTown every spring. But, unfortunately, many seasonal flowers only bloom for just a few weeks or so and then begin to disappear as the season rolls along.
These lovely yellow blossoms, found in quite a few spots along Bradford Street, were among the early bloomers this spring, as usual, but most of them have vanished by this time of the summer.
The fragrant pink and white, blossoms of the rose hips have all but disappeared for the season as well.
We can take some consolation, though, in the flowers that are beginning to bloom this past week, and in those that have yet to make their annual appearances. Hibiscus have begun to bloom in several varieties and colors all around the town.
I think my favorites may be these very large, deep red ones found growing every summer on Commercial Street, across from the Boatslip. Get out for a stroll around town and enjoy the flowers that can be found only at this particular time of the summer.

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